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Receta de cóctel de ginebra de almendra Tanqueray

This is the perfect elegant holiday cocktail for the fancier affairs of the season. Served in a brandy snifter, the Tanqueray almond is an aromatic cocktail that features the perfect pairing of Tanqueray London Dry Gin and amaretto. It’s a beautiful and simple cocktail that you’ll come back to time and again. The recipe comes from Tanqueray and it is very easy. The presentation gives it a sophisticated touch that makes it feel just a little more special. To liven up the gin-amaretto mix, be sure to add the bitters and sour mix. They’re small accents (don’t overdo the sour), but they make an incredible difference.

Por Ane Goñi Salaverri

Hacer licor casero de ginebra de endrinas para Navidad

Some say there is no better use for sloes than in a Sloe Gin. Christmas would never be the same without a bottle (or using Vodka depending on your tipple), but Sloe Gin is also a lovely liqueur to drink at any time. Ideally, sloes should be picked after the first frosts, but when they are ripe and ready to pick depends on where you live so expect to be out foraging from late August through till October—fortunately this still gives enough time for soaking ready for Christmas. Sloes are found on the Blackthorn bush. In full fruit, there is no prettier sight on an autumn morning and the sloes look not unlike a bunch of grapes. However, unlike biting into a ripe, juicy grape will delight, eating a sloe will be a serious disappointment. The fruit is hard and the taste bitter and grainy.

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Feliz Navidad, cóctel de ginebra de Plymouth

This cocktail recipe literally says “Merry Christmas” and it’s a delightful drink that’s sure to put you in a festive mood. You’ll love how easy it is to mix up, making it a great choice for holiday parties and it’s a perfectly refreshing option for dinner. The Merry Christmas cocktail features cranberry, one of the best fruits of the winter season. The spirit of choice is Plymouth Gin, an aromatic gin that has a hint of fruitiness, making it a perfect match for the cranberry juice. Club soda makes up the majority of the drink, so it’s a quick low-proof cocktail that’s more like a gently spiked, fruity soda. Enjoy These Very Merry Cocktails for a Happy Holiday Season