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Por Ane Goñi Salaverri

Receta de ponche fresco de arándanos con ginebra Brockmans

A refreshing gin punch is a great addition to any holiday party and this cranberry fresh punch is a fantastic recipe that all your guests will enjoy. It’s simple and you can make it in a few hours before the party, so serving it is easy as well. The cranberry fresh punch was inspired by a Brockmans Gin recipe called the berry fresh cocktail. The mezclation of gin and fruits with a hint of allspice dram is fantastic for winter. While you can use another gin, you’ll find that Brockmans is one of the best options for berry-flavored gin drinks. That’s because its formula incorporates berries and backs off gin’s signature juniper flavor. The punch recipe creates approximately about 15 4-ounce servings, so it’s the perfect size for an intimate holiday party.