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Receta de cóctel de la mula de Navidad

Are you ready to bring the Moscow mule into the holiday season? It’s incredibly easy with a festive recipe like the Christmas mule. This warm and inviting take on the popular vodka cocktail is filled with the flavor of pear, cinnamon, and ginger, making it a pleasant sipper for any cold winter night. The Christmas mule recipe is a simple rendition on the refreshing vodka and ginger beer cocktail many of us have come to love. Rather than a clear vodka, we’re opting for a pear-flavored vodka which you can either buy or make at home. You will also need to warm up your favorite ginger beer before adding a single cinnamon stick. This is more than a garnish, though. It infuses the cocktail as you drink and adds to the inviting flavors. You’ll find this to be a fantastic hot cocktail for a casual dinner party, a holiday gathering or a cozy night by the fire. It takes just a few minutes to warm up and mix and you’ll soon be on your way to comforted bliss.

Por Ane Goñi Salaverri

Receta de cóctel de granada y mojito de Navidad

Este mojito de granada de vacaciones es una receta divertida que puedes hacer con los niños. Es una buena manera de mostrarles la alegría de crear una bebida fresca y sabrosa. Este sabroso mojito es perfecto para las fiestas, cuando las granadas están en su mejor momento. El momento es ideal para hacer esta deliciosa bebida y servirla a los no bebedores en la fiesta de Navidad también. La receta es muy sencilla y sería mejor empezar por hacer la limonada y el jarabe simple con antelación. Ambos son mezcladores caseros muy fáciles que son más baratos que las variedades compradas en la tienda y añaden una frescura incomparable a una variedad de bebidas. Una vez que tengas todos los ingredientes, es simplemente una bebida “mezcla y disfruta”. Si se mantiene todo en stock, se puede mezclar en unos pocos minutos y alegrar las fiestas a todos los que vienen a visitar. 22 Deliciosos cócteles para cualquier ocasión

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Receta de ponche fresco de arándanos con ginebra Brockmans

A refreshing gin punch is a great addition to any holiday party and this cranberry fresh punch is a fantastic recipe that all your guests will enjoy. It’s simple and you can make it in a few hours before the party, so serving it is easy as well. The cranberry fresh punch was inspired by a Brockmans Gin recipe called the berry fresh cocktail. The mezclation of gin and fruits with a hint of allspice dram is fantastic for winter. While you can use another gin, you’ll find that Brockmans is one of the best options for berry-flavored gin drinks. That’s because its formula incorporates berries and backs off gin’s signature juniper flavor. The punch recipe creates approximately about 15 4-ounce servings, so it’s the perfect size for an intimate holiday party.

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Chocolate Caliente: Receta de chocolate caliente mexicano

Authentic Mexican chocolate caliente is comforting, as hot chocolate should be, but it is also unexpectedly refreshing. The main ingredient is less intense than the darker chocolate often used in other versions of this beverage, and the cinnamon is nothing short of stimulating. In Mexico, hot chocolate is most often prepared with tablets of rustic chocolate de mesa, “table chocolate,” which can be easily found in the U.S. at Mexican grocery stores and even large supermarkets. The two most common brands are Ibarra (made by a company in Jalisco, Mexico) and Abuelita (a Nestle product). These tablets contain cacao paste, of course, but also sugar and cinnamon. People in Mexico often partake of this comforting drink for breakfast or a late supper any day of the week, as well as at Christmastime (such as the Posadas celebrations) and for special occasions such as Day of the Dead. It is often served with delicious sweet bread or basic white bread (such as bolillos), which is dunked into the hot liquid.

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Ponche de ron fácil

Rum eggnog is a delicious and satisfying holiday cocktail. While you can mix it up in a traditional way, this recipe will have a glass of the frothy drink ready in minutes. It’s a nice option for a quick eggnog fix after a busy day and is a great option to serve at holiday parties. This rum eggnog recipe has a wonderful depth of flavors. By pairing an aged rum with ruby port, a dark, semi-sweet foundation is laid for the creamy drink. There’s no cream, though. Instead, shaking a full egg gives the cocktail a luscious, velvety texture that’s delightfully comforting. It’s sure to put you in the festive mood and is a tasty way to enjoy the Christmas season with no extra fuss.

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Martini de galletas de azúcar

Sweet, delicious, and far quicker to make than actual cookies, the sugar cookie martini is sure to become a new favorite. It’s the perfect dessert cocktail for the holidays and other celebrations, but it’s also easy enough to enjoy on a weeknight when you have an insatiable sweet tooth. The recipe requires three common bar ingredients, so you likely won’t have to run out for anything special. While it’s not exactly like a sugar cookie, the flavor mezclation of vanilla vodka, amaretto, and Irish cream comes about as close as you can get. Of course, no sugar cookie is complete without the decorations! Adding a colorful rim dresses it up perfectly and, if you want to really indulge, dip it in your favorite frosting first. How to Properly Shake a Cocktail


Receta de Latte de Cúrcuma (Leche Dorada)

ste café con cúrcuma, en ocasiones llamado leche dorada, es una bebida a base de leche con sabor a raíz amarilla, edulcorantes naturales y otras especias aromáticas. En otras palabras, no es en realidad una bebida de café y no te dará ese tan necesario zumbido matutino.